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Couples Bucket List: 115 Bucket List Ideas for Couples

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Ultimate Couples Bucket List

Starting a couples bucket list is a great way to add fun and spontaneity to your relationship. Below you will find 115 bucket list ideas for couples to help you feel closer together than ever. 

Date Night Bucket List

No matter how long you’ve been together, creating a bucket list of things you want to do together, dates you want to go on, trips you want to take, and experiences you want to have is an amazing bonding activity that will bring you closer together as a couple.

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Having a couples bucket list can help keep your relationship exciting! 

Below are 115 bucket list ideas for couples to give you some inspiration for your own list. 

These are great ideas for a bucket list with boyfriend or bucket list with girlfriend.

And don’t miss the ultimate date night bucket list for even more ideas of fun things you can do with your significant other to keep your relationship exciting.

Many of these relationship bucket list ideas are easy and can be done at home or as a fun date on the weekends, while others are bigger adventures that will take your relationship to the next level!

Ready to create your own couples bucket list?

Bucket List Ideas for Couples

Here are 115 fun things to do as a couple. 

1.Go to a carnival together

2. Take silly photos in a photo booth

3. Stargaze on a rooftop with blankets

4. Be each other’s New Year’s Eve kiss

Bucket List Ideas for Couples

5. Go skinny dipping 

6. Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome

7. Go on a double date with friends

8. Get a couples massage

Couples Massage

9. Move in together

10.Have a picnic on the beach

11. Take a cooking class together

12. Dress up in a couples costume for Halloween

13. Kiss on top of a Ferris Wheel

14. Take a vacation together

Couples Bucket List

15. Stay up all night and watch the sunrise

16. Go for a hike with an amazing view (here are 25 Bucket List Hikes To Do Before You Die)

17. Take a spontaneous road trip

18. Kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

19. Go wine tasting at a vineyard

20. Jump into a pile of fall leaves together

21. Make a couples playlist

22. Take ballroom dance classes

23. Kiss underwater

24. Go to a drive-in movie

26. Rent a cabin with a hot tub for the weekend

27. Recreate your first date

High School Bucket List

28. Have a snowball fight

29. Dance outside in the pouring rain

30. Have a make your own pizza night

31. Go to karaoke and sing a duet

32. Cut down a Christmas tree together

33. Go apple picking in the fall

Fall Bucket List

34. Learn something new like painting together 

35. Build a blanket fort

36. Have a movie marathon – here are some movie bucket lists for you

37. Visit a national park together (check out our National Park Bucket List for inspo.)

38. Bundle up and go for a walk in the snow

Winter Nature Walk

39. Kiss under the mistletoe and other items from our Couples Christmas Bucket List.

40. Go kayaking or canoeing

41. Take a weekend getaway to a quaint B&B

42. Go ice skating together. Check out these ice skating tips for beginners to get you started. 

43. Watch each other’s favorite movie

44. Bake and decorate cookies together

Simple Bucket List Ideas

45. Watch the sunset together

46. Get on the kiss cam at a baseball game 

47. Splurge on an all-inclusive resort somewhere exotic

48. Try something crazy like bungee jumping together 

49. Attend a concert for an artist you both love

College Bucket List

50. Visit each other’s hometowns

51. Hike to a waterfall

52. Take cheesy couples’ photos

53. Write each other “open when” letters

54. Go mini golfing

55. Adopt a pet together

56. Make a couples’ scrapbook

57. Visit the place where you had your first kiss

58. Spend an evening getting cozy by the fire

Winter Bucket List

59. Have a technology-free weekend

60. Host a dinner party

Binge watch a TV show together

62. Go on a brewery tour

63. Take a workout class together

64. Plan an amazing wedding and honeymoon. If you are newly engaged, check out the Engagement Bucket List for fun things to do before your wedding. 

65. Learn each other’s love languages

66. Go to a haunted house at Halloween

67. Take a hot air balloon ride

Crazy Bucket List Ideas

68. Add a love lock to a bridge somewhere in the world

69. Play a sexy game of Twister

70. Go camping and sleep under the stars

71. Take a bubble bath together

72. Make a date jar to never run out of date ideas

73. Share a milkshake or ice cream sundae 

Bucket List Ideas for Couples

74. Have a water balloon fight

75. Create a vision board for your future

76. Go to the aquarium together

77. Buy ugly outfits at the thrift store and wear them on a date

78. Go to Disney World or Disneyland together

79. Get matching couples tattoos

80. Take a picture of the two of you kissing

81. Relax in a hammock together 

82. Take a bucket list trip to Santorini, Greece

83. Kiss in everyplace on our Kissing Bucket List

84. Visit the zoo together

couples bucket list

85. Go horseback riding or stay at a Dude ranch

86. Take a pottery class

87. Start your own business together – from an online side hustle to your own farmer’s market stall, there are lots of options

88. Have a crazy weekend in Las Vegas

89. Sleep under the stars

90. Go somewhere awesome for new years and kiss as the clock turns midnight (New York, Sydney, London)

91. Learn who is the best driver and who is the best navigator

92. Read a book together and discuss – your own private book club

115 bucket list ideas for couples

93. Learn to make each other’s favorite childhood comfort food

94. Have a spa weekend together

95. Watch fireworks together

96. See all the wonders of the world

97. Go tandem biking

115 bucket list ideas for couples

98. Do an escape room

99. Join the mile high club

100. Sleep the night in an ice hotel

101. Volunteer as a couple

102. Sponsor a child

103.Stay in an overwater bungalow

couples bucket list

104. Dine at a murder mystery theatre

105. Watch the international championship of your favorite sport

106. Swim with dolphins

107. Go on an RVing vacation

108. Learn to ski

109. Go to a masquerade ball.

couples bucket list

110. Be tourists in your own town and show each other your favorite places

111.Take part in a marathon or obstacle race as a couple

112. Wake up together on Christmas morning

113. Cheer each other on at a competition or work event

114. Go on a game show

115. Win a pub quiz night together

Relationship Bucket List

I hope these ideas gave you some inspiration for your own couples bucket list. 

Having a bucket list is a great way to make the most out of your time together, strengthen your relationship, and make incredible memories together!

If you want to add some excitement to your relationship, creating a couple bucket list full of fun experiences and romantic ideas is one of the best ways to do that.

Now sit down and create your dream relationship bucket list together!

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