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The Ultimate College Bucket List: 50+ Things to Do in College

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Ultimate College Bucket List

Make the most out of your college years with these genius college bucket list ideas!

College is such a fun time. You’re an adult, but not really an adult yet. You have lots of freedom, but still not too many responsibilities. And you’re only this young once!

College Bucket List

Creating a bucket list for college is a great way to make the most out of your time before graduating. There are so many opportunities you have as a college student to have incredible new experiences and make lifelong memories. Some of my favorite memories EVER, like studying abroad, getting into my sorority, and landing several dream internships, all happened during college.

I made this list of college-related bucket list ideas to give you some inspiration. I have plenty of other bucket list ideas that you can do during college too. Check out the end of this post for more ideas!


College Bucket List Ideas

Ready for the college bucket list ideas?

Here are 50+ things to do before you graduate from college!

Study abroad for a semester (my number one recommendation!)

Study Abroad

Buy tons of college gear

Rush Greek life

Decorate your dorm room

Attend a college football game

Go tailgating before the football game!

Take a spontaneous road trip with your friends

Crazy Bucket List Ideas

Participate in campus traditions

Get fast food in the middle of the night after a late night of… studying

Take an elective that you’re interested in just for fun

Visit a friend at another college

Attend a college formal

Join at least one club or organization

Get involved in a volunteer project

Pull an all-nighter and watch the sunrise

Go to a college sports game that’s not football

Plan an epic spring break trip

Summer Bucket List

Make a late-night trip to the dining hall

Play an intramural sport

Host an incredible party

Apply for your dream summer internship

Go to random campus events that are serving free food!

“Adopt” an international student for the holiday break

Take a beach trip

Spring Bucket List

Dance on top of the bar

Decorate your dorm for every holiday

Get off campus and explore your college town

Spend one last summer at home before you graduate

Attend a concert, play, or other performance on campus

Stay out until last call at the bar

Crazy Bucket List

Get a Polaroid camera and document your college memories with it!

Live off-campus with friends

Have an epic 21st birthday party

Go to a music festival

Music Festival

Win a scholarship

Plan an amazing Friendsgiving party

Keep a journal

Spend a summer on campus working or taking classes

Read a personal finance book and get ahead with your money management skills!

Pull at least one all-nighter studying in the library

Visit every single bar in your college town

Take a camping trip with friends

Halloween Bucket List

Go to a frat party

Ditch classes for a day (just don’t make it a habit of course!)

Study a foreign language

Apply for at least one leadership position

Celebrate Halloween/Halloweekend with a different costume for every night

Travel to at least one foreign country

Go to a rave

College Bucket List

Sneak onto a rooftop

Get dressed up and take graduation photos

Decorate your graduation cap

Spend a summer backpacking on a budget

Host your own tailgate

Take a gap year


Make the Most Out of College

Four (…or five) years of college will fly by before you know it! Make the most out of your college years with these bucket list ideas that will help you make amazing memories.

You’re only young and in college once, so you might as well live it to the fullest!

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