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Kissing Bucket List: 34 Places To Smooch Before You Die

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Creating your own kissing bucket list can be a fun way to spice up your love life and learn new things about kissing.

It can also be a great way to bond with your partner and build anticipation for future kisses. So if you’re looking for some new ideas, or just want to add some excitement to your relationship, consider creating your own kissing bucket list!

There’s something about a passionate kiss that seems to transcend time and space.

Whether it’s the first time you ever share one or the millionth, a good kiss is something that will always be remembered. So if you’re looking to leave your mark on the world, make sure you get in some good kisses before you die

places to kiss before you die

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Kissing Bucket List


kissing bucket list

Kissing while swimming in the sea has to be one of the most romantic places to kiss. You feel completely alone and it is been the scene of so many love stories in movies.

Whether you go skinny dipping or run into the ocean with your clothes on, this is one smooch that should be on everyone’s kissing bucket list.


kissing bucket list

Have a picnic in the countryside then lay down on a blanket for a make out session in the middle of a field. Don’t forget to check each other for ticks afterwards!


kissing at a waterfall

What is more romantic than kissing under or next to a waterfall? Most of the time, to get to a great fall, you need to go for a romantic hike first which makes this kiss even better.

Eiffel Tower

kissing bucket list

A big one but one of the best places for a make out session. If you can make it to Paris, then you have to get a photo of your loving kiss right in front of the most romantic place on earth.

Another place to check out in the city of lights is the the Pont des Arts. This bridge is most famous for being the Lock Bridge in Paris. Couples in love attach personalized padlocks to the bridge and throw the keys away in the Seine River.

Times Square

kissing bucket list

Imagine kissing your love just as the clock strikes midnight and the ball drops on New year’s eve! This is definitely one for your kissing bucket list.


kissing bucket list

There’s a reason that old school funfairs have a ride called the tunnel of love! Kissing as you go through a tunnel is exciting and romantic.


kissing on a plane

Join the kissing mile high club by checking a kiss in sky off your bucket list! Bonus points if your kissing partner is a pilot!


kissing bucket list

The rocking of the waves, the calmness of the water. Boats are inherently romantic and sharing a make out session on one, whether it is a fancy yacht or a rowing boat on a lake is always fun.

In the Snow

kissing bucket list

It might be cold but kissing the in the falling snow is festive and fun, especially when you are all bundled up. Warm up afterwards with a cup of cocoa by the fire.


kissing on the beach

The hot sand, the vacation vibe. Smooching on the sand is a must for everyone at least once in their lifetime.


kissing bucket list

If you want to cross something off off your Sex Bucket List, then have some fun in an elevator!

Camp Fire

kissing bucket list

Kissing while you watch the flames dance is cute and a summer bucket list must-do.


kissing bucket list

Whether it is the Disney fireworks or a July 4th celebration, fireworks always get you in the mood for romance.

Kiss Cam

Tell the whole world about your love by getting caught on a kiss cam the next time you go to a sporting event.


kissing bucket list

If you can stop screaming for a minute, kissing on a rollercoaster is a feat that not everyone can complete.


kissing bucket list

Sunset or sunrise are beautiful times for a make out session at any time of year.

Top of A Mountain

kissing on top of a mountain

First you’ll need to get up there but that might be half the fun!

Ice Skating

kissing bucket list

If you are feeling a bit wobbly on your skates, grab hold of your partner and go in for a cute ice skating kiss!

Here are some tips for having the best ice skating date ever. 

Where you first met

kissing bucket list

It doesn’t matter if it is somewhere romantic or somewhere banal, wherever you had your first date is a great place for a kiss.


kissing bucket list

if you fall off, it will be even funnier!

In a Tent

kissing in a tent

Go camping together and have a goodnight kiss in your tent. For fun ideas of where to go, make sure to check out our Camping Bucket List.

In A Pile Of Leaves

kissing bucket list

Fall is always a great time for romance and kissing on top of a great big pile of leaves is a fantastic kissing bucket list moment.

Get more romantic fall ideas here: Fall Bucket List For Couples. 

In A Storm

kissing bucket list

Kissing in the rain is so romantic and in the middle of a thunderstorm is even more cool!

On Top Of A Ferris Wheel

ferris wheel

Next time you go to the funfair, make sure to take a ride on the ferris wheel and to have a make out session when you get to the top.

Under Mistletoe

kissing bucket list

If you celebrate Christmas, then kissing under the mistletoe should most definitely be on your bucket list.

On A Ski Lift

kissing bucket list

Whether you are going on a skiing adventure or taking a scenic tour, go up high by kissing as you ride the ski life.

Under The Stars

kissing under the stars

This is one kissing bucket list idea that you can do in your own backyard!

In A Limo

kissing in a limo

Everyone has to live the high life once and have a kiss in a limo.

In A Photo Booth

kissing bucket list

If you can find an old school photo booth, then getting some photos of you lip locking is a good way to make some memories.


kissing underwater

This one is kind of hard but makes for a great bucket list item if you can pull it off.

In A Hot Tub

kissing bucket list

Hot tubs are always sexy and a great place for a hot make out.

At A Concert

kissing at a concert

There is something totally romantic about making out in the middle of a crowd as though no one else in the world exists.

On A Horse Drawn Carriage

kissing bucket list

Many touristy towns have horse drawn carriage and kissing on one is such a lovely idea!

Spaghetti Kiss

spaghetti kiss

If you know the Disney movie, The Lady and The Tramp, then you know the kind of kiss we are talking about.

Kissing Bucket List – Final Thoughts

Making a kissing bucket list is a great way to spice up your relationship! It can be fun to come up with different activities to do together and it can help keep the spark alive.

Plus, it’s a great way to explore your partner’s preferences. So why not give it a try? You may be surprised at how much you enjoy it!

kissing bucket list