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Senior Year Bucket List: 55+ Things to Do Before Graduation

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Senior Year Bucket List

Looking for ideas to add to your senior year bucket list?

Senior year of high school is one of the most exciting times of your life.

So much is happening all at once, and it can feel extremely overwhelming, yet it’s also lots of fun!

senior year of high school bucket list ideas

Creating a senior year bucket list will help you make the most out of your final year in high school.

These are some ideas of things to do before graduating and heading off to college.

Below you’ll find more than fifty of the best things to do during senior year.

These are great ideas to add to your bucket list to live life to the fullest and make the most of senior year.

Your last year of high school is a time to make as many memories as possible and take advantage of everything that you can!

For more ideas, don’t miss the ultimate high school bucket list.High School Senior Year Bucket List

Bring on the Ideas!

Add these 55+ ideas to your senior year bucket list:

Go to every home football game

Attend senior homecoming and prom

Participate in senior skip day

Take an epic spring break trip

Senior Year Bucket List

Decorate your school parking spot

Pull an unforgettable senior prank

Buy a yearbook

Take a road trip with your friends

Crazy Bucket List Ideas

Attend an event you wouldn’t normally go to

Participate in Spirit Week

Go to a drive-in movie

Write a letter to your future self

Tell your crush how you really feel

High School Bucket List

Go skinny dipping

Have a shaving cream fight

Get a spray tan

Make a playlist for each year of high school

Run for a leadership position

Have one last sleepover with friends

Senior Year Bucket List Ideas

Get a Polaroid and take a bunch of pictures with friends

Buy lotto tickets on your 18th birthday

Apply for college scholarships (trust me, it pays off!)

Apply to your dream college

Have a photo shoot with your friends

Summer Bucket List

Go to a roller skating rink

Watch a school play or musical

Do a group Halloween costume with friends

Ditch school early to go get ice cream

Summer Bucket List Ideas

Give advice to freshmen

Make the honor roll

Thank your favorite teachers

Get breakfast with friends before school

Senior Year Bucket List

Attend a pep rally

Go to a basketball game

Get nominated for a senior superlative

Decorate your graduation cap

Go to a concert

College Bucket List

Pull an all-nighter and watch the sunrise

Leave your name somewhere in the school

Host or attend a crazy party

Reconnect with an old friend

Go to a county fair or carnival

Camp in your backyard and stargaze

Halloween Bucket List

Go on a college tour

Make a scrapbook of your senior year

Start a savings account in your own name

Get senior photos taken

Visit your elementary school and say hi to your old teachers

Go to a theme park

Make friends with someone outside your friend group

Have a movie marathon of high school movies

Throw a graduation party

Go to lots of grad parties

Have a water balloon fight

Drive around with the windows down blasting your favorite music


High School Bucket List

Things to Do Before You Graduate

I hope this senior year bucket list gave you some ideas of things to do before you graduate!

Senior year of high school will fly by in the blink of an eye and before you know it you’ll be walking across that stage in your cap and gown getting that diploma.

These bucket list ideas will help you make the most of your senior year.

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