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Summer Bucket List For Couples : 100 Summer Romance Ideas

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It is summertime and that means two things: the beach and romance.

After all, “summer lovin’ ” has been in style since Danny Zuko and Sandy sand their hearts out in Grease.

Whether you’re looking for some fun and inventive ways to spend some time together or want to rekindle your romance, summer is the perfect time for love.

Keep reading for 100 amazing summer date ideas for you and your partner to enjoy.

summer date ideas


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Summer Bucket List For Couples

summer bucket list for couples

As the weather starts to warm up and the days grow longer, it’s time to start enjoying more time together.

A summer bucket list for couples is a fun way to make the most of the great weather. It also helps you to make memories while falling more and more in love each day.

summer bucket list for couples

100 Summer Bucket List Ideas For Couples

1.Have a picnic in the park

2. Spend the day at the beach

3. Take an epic road trip

4. Roast s’mores on a bonfire

5. Watch fireworks

6. Go berry picking

7. Take a cooking class together

8. Spend the morning at your local farmer’s market

9. Go camping

10. Take a hike in the woods

11.Explore a new town

12. Dance in the summer rain

13. Watch a movie at the drive-thru

14. Go bike riding together

15. Take part in a charity run

16. Go to the movies to escape the heat

17. Host a cookout

18. Go to an outdoor festival

19. Have lunch from a food truck

20. Make out by a waterfall

21. Lay on the grass and stargaze

22. Grill dinner on an open fire

23. Walk barefoot in the sand

24. Visit a Ribfest

25. Go wine tasting

26. Binge watch a tv show on a rainy day

27. Host a big Labor Day party

28. Swim in a lake at night

summer bucket list for couples

29. Sit on the deck and talk all night

30. Go to pool party

31. Explore a local street festival

32. Go to a baseball game

33. Split an ice cream sundae

34. Ride a rollercoaster together

35. Spend the day the beach

36. Check out the sex bucket list and check some things off it

37. Go mini-golfing

38. Stay up to watch the sunrise

39. Go skinny dipping

40. Go for a boat ride

41.Kiss in a cave

42. Go to a fair

43. Fly a kite

44. Have a water fight

45. Play tennis

46. Try surfing

47. Go ziplining

the best summer romantic date ideas

48. Recreate your first date

49. Attend a free outdoor concert

50. Do a murder mystery box (we just did this one from Amazon and it was so fun!)

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51. Have a candlelight dinner in the backyard

52. Try paddle boarding

53. Attend an outdoor yoga class together

54. Visit a sand dune

55. Spend the day at a amusement park

56. Kiss at the top of a ferris wheel

57. Drink Champagne in a hot tub

58. Refurbish a piece of furniture together

59. Catch fireflies

60. Have a couples massage

61. Try Geocaching

62. Play frisbee in the park

63. Play pin the tack on the map and visit somewhere new

64. Rope swing into a lake

65. Visit waterpark

66. Shop at a flea market for treasures

67. Create a summer playlist

couples summer bucket list ideas

68. Rollerblade through the park

69. Have breakfast on a patio

70. Have a cocktail party and invent new drinks

71. Carve your initials into a tree

72. Write a love note in sand on the beach

73. Kiss underwater

74. Celebrate Christmas in July

75. Send a message in a bottle

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76. Play Twister

77. Visit a butterfly garden

78. Go to a carnival

79. Lay in the grass and watch the clouds

80. Go fishing together

81. Paddle in a canoe for two

82. Climb a mountain

83. Lay in inflatable tubes in the water

84. Visit a state park (here are the top ones to visit)

85. Go to a horse race

86. Volunteer together

87. Visit an art gallery

88. Watch the sunset on the hood of a car

89. Go horseback riding

90.Sleep the night in the bed of a truck

91. Learn a new summer sport together

92. Go on a double date with new friends

93. Plant a garden together

94. Enjoy happy hour drinks and apps on a patio

95. Make a bed on the deck and spend all day there

96. Visit a farm or outdoor safari

97. Make boozy popsicles

98. Write a romantic message with sidewalk chalk

99. Cook dinner on the grill together

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Free Downloadable Summer Bucket List For Couples

To get your free printable, simply click on the link below and you will be taken to the PDF version of the bucket list.

Download Your Bucket list Here

Summer Date Ideas – Final Thoughts

The romantic summer bucket list ideas for couples on this list are perfect for spending quality time together while enjoying the warm weather.

Make this summer unforgettable by making the most of every single minute together.

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