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The Ultimate Foodie Bucket List: 51 Ideas For Food Lovers

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Foodies rejoice! There are now more places to explore than ever before and with so many choices, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s where this foodie bucket list comes in.

Whether you’re a lover of fine wine or crave the best burgers in town, here is a list of some of the world’s best food experiences that are sure to satisfy your appetite.

From outrageous things to try to exciting new culinary skills to learn, this bucket list for foodies has it all.

foodie bucket list

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The Ultimate Bucket List For Foodies

Below you will find some fun culinary treast that any self-respecting foodie will want to try at least once in their lifetime.

From the classic foods that everyone just has to try to skills budding chefs should learn, there is something for everyone in this list.

51 Exciting Foodie Bucket List Ideas

1. Eat dinner at a rooftop bar

2. Learn to make sushi

3. Try an exotic meat such as Ostrich or Guinea pig

4. Eat authentic fish and chips in England

5. Drink the Nouveau Beaujolais in France

6. Eat at a Hibachi kitchen

7. Hunt for truffles

bucket list for foodies

8. Try haggis

9. Tour a brewery

10. Cook over an open fire

11. Create your own signature dish

12. Make fresh pasta

13. Make your own wine

14. Eat an exotic insect

15. Close your eyes and pick a random dish from the menu

foodie bucket list

16. Shuck an oyster

17. Become a mixologist and invent your own cocktail

18. Visit the Museum of Food and Drink in NYC

19. Visit a celebrity chef’s restaurant

20. Take a cooking class abroad

21. Have afternoon tea

22. Visit a food factory

23. Eat a meal completely with your hands

24. Try canning food

25. Grow your own fruits and vegetables

26. Boil a lobster

27. Visit a vineyard and stomp on grapes

28. Eat fresh croissants in Paris

29. Become a wine connoisseur

30. Catch your own fish and eat it

31. Eat at a Michelin Star restaurant

32. Try a crazy food at a country fair

33. Eat Belgian waffles in Brussels

34. Pick fruit and make a pie

35. Try escargot

foodie bucket list

36. Visit a gourmet food truck

37. Host a fondue party

38. Perfect your guacamole recipe

39. Make a Moroccan dish using a Tagine

40. Make a holiday dinner for a crowd

41. Wade in a cranberry bog

42. Learn to make macarons

43. Try competitive eating

44. Make cake from scratch

45. Win a chilli cook-off

46. Visit Canada’s largest Ribfest and try vote for the winners

47. Learn to make bagels

48. Use edible flowers in your cooking

49. Eat your way around a theme park

50. Make your own family recipe book

51. Pickle something

bucket list for foodies

Free Downloadable Foodie Bucket List


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