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The Ultimate Beach Bucket List – 40 Things To Do At The Beach

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The beach is an awesome place to visit and this beach bucket list is perfect for making the best of your day at the shore.

Visiting the beach is a great way to enjoy the sun, play in the waves and spend your free time with friends.

There are so many things you can do at the beach, and it’s always better if you have a list of them before you go!

Make sure to download the free printable Beach Bucket list at the bottom of this page so you can check off all the things you do at the beach.

What’s on your beach bucket list?

Beach bucket list


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40 Fantastic Beach Bucket List Ideas

beach bucket list

Make sand angels

Watch the sunrise

Watch the sunset

Take a swim

Try body surfing

Play beach volleyball

Send out a message in a bottle

Watch some surfers

Walk along the boardwalk

Play in the sand.

Have a sand fight

Use a metal detector to find treasures

Run in the surf (it’s great for your legs!)

Take some cool pictures

People watch

Read a beach novel

Find a sand dollar or dried starfish

Visit an island

Have a sand sculpture competition

Collect shells or other treasures from the shoreline.

Make a sandcastle

beach bucket list

Take a nap

Build a fire

Go crabbing

Go camping on the beach

Look for sea glass

Collect rocks to paint at home

Look for jellyfish

Write your name in the sand and take a photo

Try a water sport like kite surfing or tubing

Collect seaweed

Catch a frisbee

Fly a kite

Dig a giant hole and hide in it

Bury someone in the sand

beach bucket list ideas

Do some beach yoga

Have a picnic with friends and family

Go magnet fishing in the water

Enjoy a tropical cocktail like an Ocean Breeze Cocktail

Make a fort with beach chairs and towels

Free Printable Beach Bucket List

Free printable beach bucket list

To download your free PDF beach bucket list, simply click on the link below and you will go to the instant download.

Click here to download your bucket list

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