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Best Friend Summer Bucket List {50 Fun Ideas For The Best Summer Ever}

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The Ultimate Best Friend Bucket List

One of the best things about summer is spending time with your best friend without a care in the world.

Whether you are hiking together, swimming, or just hanging out on the porch, making this summer a bucket list memory with your BFF is guaranteed to be a blast!
This list is sure to give you plenty of ideas to get started so that you can make plans to have the best summer ever.

Best friends summer bucket list

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What Is A Best Friend Summer Bucket List?

On this site, we already have an epic Best Friend Bucket List but summer really needs its own list of fun things to do.

This list of best friend summer bucket list ideas is a list of epic things to do with your BFF during your summer break- your own personal plan of activities you want to complete before fall.

Having a list of fun activities you want to do together this summer can help you make the most of every minute.

Ready? Let’s get started making the summer bucket list with your best friend.

best friends bucket list

50 Best Friend Summer Bucket List Ideas

Go hiking and explore a new area

Have a picnic in the park

Go swimming at night

Have a water balloon fight

Make s’mores on a bonfire

Have a crafting day

Play beach volleyball

Dye your hair a crazy color (non-permanent)

Go To A Drive-in Movie

Stay up all night and watch the sunrise

Have a sleepover in the backyard, under the stars

Take a day trip to somewhere you have never been before

Watch fireworks

Go to a music festival

best friends summer bucket list

Spend the day at a fun amusement park

Swim in the ocean

Plan a spa day together

Lay out by the pool all day

Get your hair and make-up done

Take a train into the nearest city and do some sightseeing

Go horseback riding

Take a road trip

Go out for ice cream

Sit on a patio and watch the sunset

Go roller skating

Get a manicure and pedicure

Go camping

Shop in every second-hand book in town

Go out dancing until dawn

Give each other make-overs

Binge watch a whole tv series

Spend the day bike-riding

summer bucket list for best friends

Ride a rollercoaster

Take a boat ride

Read a book together

Spend the day at a water party

Get lunch from a food truck

Take an outdoor yoga class

Go to a bbq/cookout

Catch a baseball game

Visit a street festival

Go bowling

Take a class together (cooking, painting, ceramics etc)

Visit the local farmer’s market and grab lunch

Pick strawberries at a farm

Go thrifting at yard sales

Start an Etsy store together

Have breakfast outdoors

Bake an epic cake together

Make a scrapbook of your summer adventures

Best Friend Summer Bucket List – Final Thoughts

What do I do in the summer with my best friend? If you have asked yourself that question then I hope that you are asking it no more!

This list has tons of really fun summer bucket list ideas for best friends to make memories and share the warm weather together.

Summer always goes by way too fast so why not make the most of it by checking off everything on your summer bucket list this year?

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the ultimate best friends summer bucket list