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The Ultimate Summer Bucket List: 80+ Summer Bucket List Ideas

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The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Ready to have the most amazing summer ever? Here are 80+ summer bucket list ideas to help you have the best time of your life and makes tons of memories this summer.

Summer Bucket List

There’s just something about summer that makes you want to live life to the fullest.

If you’re looking for ideas for fun things to do on those long sunny summer days, I have put together this list of 80+ summer bucket list items to help you out!

Below you’ll find plenty of ideas for your summer bucket list. Plenty of the ideas on this list are cheap or free, and don’t require you to go far from home to accomplish them.


Summer Bucket List Ideas

Ready for the list of summer bucket list ideas?

Here are 80+ amazing things you can do this summer…

Go to a theme park

Attend an outdoor concert

Take a spontaneous road trip

What Is a Bucket List

Make your own ice cream

Cool off with a slip ‘n’ slide

Have a water balloon fight

Ride a Ferris Wheel

Go to a drive-in movie

Jump off a rope swing

Go tubing or whitewater rafting

Make s’mores over the fire

Sleep outside under the stars

Watch the sunset at the beach

Be a tourist in your own city for a day

Go to a fireworks show

Summer Bucket List

Make tie-dye tee shirts

Run through sprinklers

Spend the day at a water park

Hold a car wash and make some extra cash!

Go to a baseball game

Go to a hot air balloon festival

Crazy Bucket List Ideas

Spend 24 hours without technology

Rent a convertible for a day and drive around blasting your favorite music

Catch fireflies

Buy fireworks and shoot them off (be careful!)

Go to a music festival

Music Festival

Go paddle-boarding

Visit a national park

Participate in a sand castle building competition

Make your own Popsicles to beat the heat

Have a movie marathon in your pajamas

Go to Disney World or Disneyland

Go swimming in the rain

Learn how to make friendship bracelets

Pull an all-nighter and watch the sun rise

Go skinny dipping

Take a camping trip

Make fresh fruit infused water

Summer Bucket List

See a waterfall

Try canoeing or kayaking

Go berry picking

Sleep outside on a trampoline with pillows and blankets

Go on a wine tasting tour at a vineyard

Have a picnic on the beach

Spring Bucket List

Create the ultimate summer playlist

Get off social media for a full week

Take a nap in a hammock

Spend the evening stargazing

Buy lemonade from a kid’s lemonade stand (or have your own!)

Organize a game of capture the flag

Host or attend a barbecue

Summer BBQ

Go to a sunflower field

Visit a museum or art gallery

Spend the entire day barefoot

Make homemade sangria

Go to a local farmer’s market

Spring Bucket List

Bake a fruit pie from scratch

Organize a scavenger hunt

Go somewhere you have never been before

Read that book you’ve been putting off

Go mini golfing

Have an ice cream taste test of all the places in your town

Summer Bucket List Ideas

Build a blanket fort and have a sleepover in it

Make homemade jam

Have a pickup kickball or softball game

Visit a local historic site

Play laser tag

Pick wildflowers and make flower crowns

Go to a butterfly garden

Have a photo shoot at the beach

Summer Bucket List

Go on a photo walk in your city or town

Make your own snow cones

Throw a dart at a local map and drive there

Swim in a public fountain to cool off

Go rollerskating

Make a fresh fruit smoothie

Go for a bike ride

Spring Bike Ride

Spend the day at a nearby lake

Walk barefoot along the beach

Ride go karts

Do a new hike in your area

Spend the day at the zoo

Have an outdoor picnic with fairy lights in the evening

Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day

Buy and eat a fresh watermelon

Create your own obstacle course

Collect sea shells on the beach

Host a themed movie night (Disney, Harry Potter, scary movies, etc.)

Go snorkeling

Spend the day on a boat


How to Have the Best Summer Ever

I hope these summer bucket list ideas gave you some inspiration for ways you can create lots of memories this summer and make the most out of the season.

It’s not always about doing the craziest or most extravagant things. Sometimes the simplest bucket list items are the most meaningful! If you aren’t able to take a trip to the beach or a theme park this summer, there are still plenty of things you can do close to home to enjoy your summer vacation.

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