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Sex Bucket List – 100 Fun Things To Do With Your Partner

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Do you have a sex bucket list? Lots of people do but if you don’t this post has lots of sexual bucket list suggestions to get you started.

A sex bucket list for couples can be a fun way to spice up your relationship but even single people will enjoy compiling a sexy bucket list with some fun things they want to try once in their lifetime.

Read on for some sexy ideas for your bucket list.


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100 Sex Bucket List Ideas

Below you will find 100 dirty sex bucket list ideas to try, if you dare. I’ve separated the list into two categories – 50 kinky things to put on your bucket list and 50 crazy places to have sex.

50 Fun Things To Put On Your Sex Bucket List

Tie each other up

Make out in a car park

Give each other a massage

Have sex while blindfolded

Watch others having sex

Try Tantric sex

Take a bath together

Rent a hotel for an hour

Skinny dip

Try edging

Photograph each other nude

Completely silent sex

Try a threesome

Go to a spa together

Be naked for the whole day

Touch each other at a bar/restaurant

sexual bucket list suggestions

Learn some Shibari knots

Try anal sex

Go to a sex club

Touch yourself in front of each other

Go lingerie shopping together

Get nude in a hot tub

Have sex with a complete stranger without speaking a word

Standing up against a wall

Go out without underwear

Try bondage (handcuffs, rope)

Make a sex tape

Use edibles like whipped cream

Go to a strip club together

Roleplay (doctor/nurse)

Candle wax

Kiss someone of the same sex

Try pegging

Sext all day while at work

Watch dirty movies together

Use toys

Try nipple clamps

Phone sex

Weekend getaway dedicated to sex

Play with ice

Remote control vibrator with partner in public

Sex with restraints

Have sex on a pile of cash

Read erotic fiction to each other

Wake each other up with oral sex

Give/get a lap dance

Play strip poker

Make a sex playlist

Road head

Have sex via video call

sexual bucket list suggestions

50 Sexual Bucket List Places To Have Sex

In front of a fireplace

On a beach

In a swimming pool

On an airplane

In public

On the kitchen counter

In a car

On a trampoline

In the shower

By a waterfall

In the mountains

In a forest

Under the stars

In the rain

While camping

On the Golden Gate Bridge

In the snow

On a rooftop

In a lake or ocean

Have sex in every state

In a pillow fort

On the dining room table

At the movie theatre

In a car

On the washing machine

In the bed of a pick-up truck

On a balcony overlooking the ocean

In an elevator

On a boat

In the washroom of a bar or restaurant

On the hood of a car

In someone else’s bed

On your desk in the office

sex bucket list

In a field full of flowers

On a pile of leaves

In a water fountain

During a drive-in movie

In the changing room of a clothing store

On a train

In a treehouse

On a Ferris wheel

In an outdoor shower

On a park bench

At an airport

On a golf course

In a Haunted House

At Disney World

In a hammock

Under waterfall

In a sauna

Sex Bucket List Checklist Free Printable

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Sexual Bucket List Suggestions – Final Thoughts

I hope this sex bucket list has filled you with tons of ideas for some fun date nights with your boo.

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