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Family Summer Bucket List :19 Fun Family Summer Activities

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Long summer days means tons of family time, days at the beach and kids who need something fun to do. That’s why I always create a family summer bucket list to plan out our days.

The list of fun summer activities for kids below is sure to give you some ideas for rainy days as well as those days when you don’t have a lot planned.

If you are not careful, summer can get expensive with days to theme parks, trips to get ice cream and pool entrance fees.

Having fun together and making wonderful memories doesn’t have to break the bank, you just need a little ingenuity and planning.

family summer bucket list

Every year, before the summer really gets going, we sit down and create our own special list of things we would like to do during the coming months.

That summer activity checklist is what inspired this summer bucket list for toddlers as we have found it a great way to keep on track and make sure we do something special at least once a week.

If you like the list below, make sure to check out this huge list of 101 free things to do with your kids which is perfect for no spend weekends or those days when you run out of ideas.

19 Fun Summer Activities For Kids

1.Host a lemonade stand – food prep, counting, handling money, customer service.

2. Plant some flowers – lifecycles, what plants need to grow, photosynthesis.

3. Pick Berries – Life on the farm, how different fruits grow (blueberry bush, strawberries close to the ground)

family summer bucket list

4. A day at the beach – What are shells, how is sand formed, life under the sea.

5. Have a yard sale – recycling and reusing things, donating the unsold items, handling money and counting, negotiating

6. Go for a hike – woodland animals, collecting leaves and acorns.

7. Run in the sprinklers

8. Attend a summer festival

9. Pitch a tent in the backyard

10. Have an ice cream social

family summer bucket list

11. Make popsicles

12. Make s’mores

13. Soapy water play

14. Make peach pie

15. Watch fireworks

16. Visit a farmer’s market – practice counting your money and picking the best fruit.

17. Have a playdate a the park

18. Paint with water

19. Watch a movie outdoors

Summer family bucket list


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