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Birthday Bucket List – 65 Epic Things To Do On Your Birthday

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It’s your birthday, and it’s time to treat yourself. Let’s party! But not just any party-let’s do this up right. Here are some birthday bucket list ideas for the best birthday ever.

There’s only one you so why not celebrate the day you were born with these fun birthday bucket list ideas. Some are for doing alone while others are for enjoying your special day with friends and family.

Make sure to scroll down to download your free birthday bucket list template that you can fill out. Check off each item once you have completed it.

Birthday Bucket List

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What Is A Birthday Bucket List?

Birthday Bucket List

Having a birthday bucket list might be the best birthday gift you could give yourself!

Your birthday bucket list is a list of epic things to do on your birthday- your own personal plan of activities you want to complete on your special day.

It could be things that you have always wanted to do but couldn’t justify because of the money or time. Your birthday is the one day of the year that you should be able to have fun and pamper yourself without worrying about anything.

It’s all about celebrating the present moment and looking forward to next year. You can decide what you’ll do or where you’ll eat when your birthday rolls around in 12 months’ time.

65 Birthday Bucket List Ideas

Throw an epic birthday party! (or even better, let your friends throw one for you)

Listen to birthday music that reminds you of your birth year

Take a tour around a winery if you live near one

Have a birthday picnic with your favorite people

epic birthday bucket list ideas

Buy yourself a big bouquet of your favorite flowers

Take a vacation somewhere nice

Stay up the night before your birthday and watch the sunrise

Look through photos from birthday parties in the past

Go to a bar and order the fanciest cocktail on the menu

Hang out with a friend you haven’t seen for ages

Plan your next bucket list vacation.

Here are some great travel bucket list ideas:

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Go to Starbucks and order a fancy drink

Read all the birthday messages you get on social media

Make a list of things to do on this birthday next year

Take a spa day and treat yourself to a massage

Go to watch a new movie you have had your eye on

Watch TV shows or movies set in the year you were born

Try out an escape room

Go out for afternoon tea at a fancy hotel

Do a cake smash – it’s not just for babies!

Visit a trampoline park and pretend to be a kid again

Go on a day trip to a fun new place

Plant a tree in the backyard and watch it grow

Spend the evening at the theatre or opera

Pay it forward at the drive-thru

Drink champagne all day

epic things to do on your birthday

Lay in bed for as long as you want without feeling guilty

Spend the day at a fun amusement park

Swim in the ocean

Do a paint night with your friends – don’t forget the wine.

Donate some money to charity – this is a great birthday challenge

Hire a limo or classic car to take you out for the night

Go to your favorite store and buy yourself a treat

birthday bucket list ideas

Take a walk in nature and reflect on your life so far

Get a piercing

Do a random act of kindness for someone

Have breakfast at your favorite pancake house

Get your hair and make-up done

Go to the beach and watch the surf

Write a letter to your future self

Take some time to plan your bucket list for the next year

Here is some inspiration to help you:

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Have breakfast in bed

Hire a professional photographer to record your day

Eat your favorite meal (even better if someone else makes it for you)

Get dressed up in nice outfit

Book all your annual medical appointments. Your birthday is a good time to make sure everything is up to date.

Do something crazy like go skydiving or bungee jumping

Sponsor a child who needs help – learn more at World Vision

Take a class in something random – cooking, dancing or whatever you fancy

Rent a fancy car and take it for a spin

Go horseback riding

Start a 30 day challenge to kick your next year off the right way.

Some examples of fun 30 day challenges include:

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Decluttering Challenge

Minimalism Challenge

Get a tattoo

Visit an animal sanctuary and get some cuddle time in

Go out for ice cream

Sit on a patio and watch the sunset

Go to a bookstore and pick out a hot new book

Pay off your credit cards and start your new year debt-free

Go ice skating or roller skating

Play a fun Birthday bucket list game like Hot Seat

Get a manicure and pedicure

Hire a cleaner to deep clean your house

Go out dancing until dawn

Have a long bubble bath

Do whatever you like – after all it is your birthday!

bucket list ideas for your birthday

Free Printable Birthday Bucket List Template

Birthday bucket list template

Want to create your own list of epic things to do on your birthday?

Download this free printable birthday bucket list PDF and design your own amazing birthday!

Simply click the link below, download and print.

Download Your Bucket List here

Birthday Bucket List – Final Thoughts

I hope you have a birthday that is filled with birthday wishes and birthday cake. Happy {birthday month} birthday!

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epic things to do on your birthday