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40 Things To Do In Your 40th Year: 40 Before 40 Bucket List

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40 before 40 bucket list: You need not wait until 50 for a bucket list! There are so many things to do during your 40th year,

40 is as an important age – it is a time when you are still young enough to enjoy life, and also have the experience of ‘growing’ up.

If you’re close to 40, look through this list of 40 things to do before you turn 40 – they are 40 great ideas that you can consider adding to your 40th year bucket list.

Plus- don’t forget to download your free printable 40 before 40 bucket list at the bottom of the page.

40 before 40 bucket list

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40 before 40 Bucket List: 40 things to do before you turn 40

40 before 40 bucket list

If you are over 40, then it means that you probably have 40 years of experience, 40 stories to share, 40 places to visit and 40 things in your bucket list.

Here are ideas for 40 Things To Do In Your 40th Year, do them all or do just one.

They are sure to make you think about what you want to achieve in your 40s and beyond.

1.Travel to a new country

2. Take up a crazy new hobby like rock climbing

3. Learn a new skill or language

4.  Change your career

5. Do something for the planet (like planting 40 trees)

6. Finally write your novel

7. Go on a spiritual journey (40 days of silence etc.)

things to do before your 40th birthday

8. Learn scuba diving

9. Get debt free

10. Have a special family photo session (or Boudoir session)

11. Buy life insurance

12. Learn to Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

13. Drink champagne on a yacht

14. Read 40 novels in the year

15. Make your home an oasis

16. Complete a 5K

17. Write your kids a letter to give on their wedding day

18. Find a workout that you love

19. Learn to ice skate

20. Climb a tall mountain

40 before 40 bucket list

21. Go camping

22. Learn a new recipe every month

23. Host an adult dinner party

24. Take a painting class

25. Update your will

26. Go to The Kentucky Derby Or Ascot

27. Take dance lessons

28. Have a crazy weekend in Las Vegas

29. Fly first class

30. Have a romantic picnic

31. Get a tattoo or piercing

32. Go to a major sporting event

40 before 40 bucket list

33. Take a winery tour

34. Go to the taping of a TV show

35. Take a cooking class

36. Give a micro loan

37. Start a side hustle (here are a bunch of great ideas)

38. Make a family tree

39. Bet on a horse

40. Zipline

bucket list for women about to turn 40


Free Printable Things To Do Before Age 40 Bucket List

40 before 40 bucket list

To grab your free printable bucket list, simply click on the link below to be taken to the PDF.

Download your bucket list here

40 Before 40 Bucket List Ideas – Final Thoughts

Whether it’s travelling around the world or getting married -there are tons of fun 40th birthday bucket list ideas.

This article has compiled 40 of them but you probably want to add some of your own to your 40 before 40 bucket list too.

And don’t forget that you might not accomplish everything in one year but the idea of your list of things to do before 40 is to motivate and inspire you to make the most of your year.

Remember though – don’t leave things till last minute.

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40 before 40 bucket list