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Senior Year Of College Bucket List -50 Things To Do Before You Graduate

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As senior year of college starts, it is time to start thinking about what you want to do before graduation and a senior year bucket list is a great way to do this.

This senior year of college bucket list will give you some ideas for must-do activities to do this year.

Senior year of college is a really special time-it’s the last chance to do all those things you’ve been meaning to do before graduation.

Use this senior year bucket list as a guide to plan out the senior year of your dreams!

And don’t forget to download your free printable Senior year checklist below.

senior year of college bucket list


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Senior Year Bucket List Ideas

There are so many things that you could do to make this last semester the best one yet.

Reflect on which items are most important for your own personal goals, or use this list as an opportunity to get creative with some more unique ideas!

senior year of college bucket list

50 Things To Do Before You Graduate College

Make the most of your student discounts

Create a senior year scrapbook or photo album

Revise your resume and cover letter before the summer break begins

Dye your hair a crazy color before you enter the “real world”

Reprioritize how much time you spend outside of academics this senior year so that it’s more balanced between work, social life, hobbies, schoolwork

Attend a campus TED talk

Volunteer somewhere (it’s great for your resume too!)

Get some work experience – either an internship or a part-time gig

Decorate your graduation cap to express your personality

Take a “fun” class that interests you

Pull an all nighter that doesn’t involve schoolwork

Get your finances in order and learn how to budget

Read a book outside on campus

Clean out your dorm room or apartment to make yourself feel less overwhelmed at the end of the year

Take senior photos that you can look back at for years to come as memories from the last semester before graduating

Take an evening to plan out your 5 year and 10 year bucket lists.

This list of 30 Before 30, a Bucket List For Your 20s with a Free Printable will help!

college bucket list for senior year

Things To Do In Your College Town

Visit the county fair

Get to know the bar staff at your favorite hangout

Take some day trips near campus

Go somewhere new by yourself-whether it be a local music venue, art museum, or restaurant

Take an epic bar crawl to all your favorite haunts

Go stargazing one night with friends

Visit the hottest restaurant in town

Go to a drive-in movie theatre

Be a tourist for the day and go sightseeing

Go hiking and take in the views

Shop in all the used book stores and vintage stores in town

Visit the nearest state or National Park (here is a list of the top ones to visit)

Get on the VIP list at the best club in the city

College Bucket List For Friends

senior year of college bucket list

Take a senior class trip with friends

Sign up for an intramural sport

Watch the sunrise on campus

Do an escape room

Have a picnic in the park with all your friends

Make a video together and talk about your plans for the future

Join a club and make new friends

Go to a formal and have a blast

Take an epic spring break trip

Learn to cook a proper meal with your friends

Crash another sorority or fraternity

Take part in all the school traditions like Pep-rally and Homecoming

Purchase senior year of college graduation announcements to send out for yourself and your friends

Attend a game for each school sport

Participate in Spirit Week

Host a movie marathon with friends

Make friends with a foreign exchange student

Visit your friends in their colleges before they graduate too

Plan an epic trip with friends for after graduation

Go camping with friends

Graduate College With The Best Grades You Can!senior year of college bucket list

Free Printable College Bucket List Checklist

senior year of college free printable checklist

To download your free PDF Senior year of college bucket list, simply click on the link below and you will go to the instant download.

Click here to download your bucket list

Senior Year Of College Bucket List – Final Thoughts

Senior year only happens once to make the most of every minute by creating an epic bucket list full of all the things you want to achieve then make them happen!

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