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Teen Bucket List: 60+ Things To Do Before You’re 20

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Teen Bucket List

Being a teen can be both fun and frustrating. In some ways you have never and may never be freer but in other way you are still operating under someone else’s rules and regulations.

The truth, however, is that you have so much freedom and energy that being a teen is the perfect time to create an epic bucket list of things you want to achieve before you turn 20.

If you are wondering what to put on your teen bucket list, check out the list below for lots of awesome ideas.

teen bucket list

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This teen bucket list is full of fun ideas that you can complete year round, alone or with friends. It’s full of things that every teen should do before they turn 20.

This huge list is the perfect anecdote to the classic “I’m bored” line that all teenagers profess at some point or another.

what can you put on a teen bucket list

Ready for your ultimate teenage bucket list?

Let’s get going!

Have an slumber party with your bffs

Dye your hair a crazy color

Go camping

Have a movie marathon

Learn to drive

Get your first job

Rearrange your bedroom

Go on a fun day trip with friends

Have a food fight

Get up on stage for something

Sing karaoke

Go Ice skating or roller skating

Take part in a competition

Binge watch an entire show in one day

Play a team sport

bucket list for teens

Have a pool party

Do a somersault on a trampoline

Get a mani-pedi

Make your whole family dinner

Record a funny TikTok Video

Have a picnic

Spend the day at the beach

Play Truth or Dare

Try yoga

Take up a musical instrument

Watch live music

Go dancing

Learn a new language

Go to a drive-in movie

Write a poem or song

Hike to a waterfall

Have a in-home spa party

Read 100 books in one year

Volunteer somewhere

Start a YouTube Channel

Have a leaf fight in the fall

Play boardgames all night

Swim in a lake

Write handwritten letters to some friends

Go 24 hours without internet

Make your own Halloween costume

Start a blog

Take a road trip

Wake up early enough to watch the sunrise

Have a water fight

Go carolling at Christmas

Talk to your crush

Learn a new hobby

Go to an amusement park

Start your own business

Interview your mom or dad about their childhood

Go stand up paddle boarding

teen bucket list

Lay down at night and watch the stars

Make a vision board

Start a savings account

Stay up all night

See your favorite band in concert

Do some thing nice for someone just because

Go to the funfair

Have a luau party

Learn new hairstyles on YouTube

Get lost in a corn maze

Read a classic novel

Ride in limo

Donate money to charity

Learn to play poker

Try a new food

Go horseback riding

Attend a prom or formal

Bake a cake for someone’s birthday

Swim in a lake

Make s’mores on a bonfire

Have a Halloween party

teenager bucket list

Watch a black and white movie

Go Bowling

Watch a summer storm


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