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60 Extreme Bucket List Ideas For Thrill-Seekers

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If you love dangerous sports and living on the edge, you will love this extreme bucket list.

We all know that we should start making a list of things we want to do before we die, but how many of us actually get around to completing the list?

Here are some extreme bucket list ideas that will help you cross off some items on your bucket list before it’s too easy for life to take over and you forget about it entirely!

extreme bucket list


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60 Extreme Bucket List Ideas

Below you will find 60 amazing bucket lists for the adventure seeker in you. Some are more extreme than others but all will give you a thrill.

Even if you aren’t super daring, you will love this adventure bucket list and there is sure to be something for you on there.

Obligatory PSA – some of the extreme bucket list items below are dangerous and not safe for anyone, let alone everyone. Many of them require special training and equipment or licenses. 

Proceed at caution and make sure to consult with professionals before attempting any of the items below. 

Now lets move on to the bucket list items for thrill-seekers:

1. Sing on stage in front of a live audience

2. Write a book

3. Wrestle with alligators

4. Visit all 7 continents

5. Get married in Las Vegas

6. Swim with dolphins

7. Climb Everest or K2

extreme bucket list

8. Run a marathon- or any other race you would like to run!

9. Fly an airplane- you get to be in control for this one!

10. Say “I love you” to someone without expecting anything back

11. Bungee Jump

12. Try parasailing

13. Jump out of an airplane

14. Do the EdgeWalk at the CN Tower in Toronto

15. Go to Churchill, Manitoba to see the Polar Bears

16.Do a wing walk

17. Cycle the Great Wall Of China

18. Visit Machu Picchu

19. Learn to surf

extreme bucket list

20. Try paddle boarding

21. Take place in an open mic at a comedy club

22. Go to a masquerade ball

23. Do everything on the Sex Bucket List

24. Go Heli-skiing

25. Sell everything and live on a boat or RV

26. Go snowboarding

27. Go skydiving- this one can get you killed so make sure to wear a parachute!

28. Go cliff diving

29. Reveal what kind of underwear you’re wearing in public

30. Try Parkour

31. Busk on the sidewalk for day

32. Try luge or skeleton

33. Play ice hockey

34. Drive a race car

35. Run with the bulls in Spain

36. Go scuba diving in caves

37. Swim with stingrays

38. Go cage diving with great white sharks

39. Become a UFC fighter

40. Go into space

41. Learn to bullfight

42. Take part in a rodeo

43. Ride a camel through the desert

44. Chase a tornado

45. Go camping alone in the wilderness

46. Hike the Appalachian Trail

47. Ride an ATV in sand dunes

48. Try paragliding

49. Ski the black slopes

50. Pick up a tarantula

51. Try kite surfing

52. Learn to fire walk

53. Go ziplining

54. Base jump

55. Do an Iron Man race

56. Canoe in the Devizes to Westminster Canoe race (World’s longest)

57. Drive from Patagonia to Northern Canada

58. Try wing walking

59. Go in a bob sleigh

60. Kiss a stranger

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