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100+ Crazy Bucket List Ideas to Do in Your Lifetime

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Crazy Bucket List Ideas

What’s life without a little excitement?

If you’re looking for crazy bucket list ideas to do in your lifetime, look no further.

I’ve put together this list with 100+ of the craziest ideas for your bucket list.

100+ Crazy Bucket List Ideas to Do in Your Lifetime

Not everything on your bucket list has to be super crazy, wild, or extravagant.

I created list of simple bucket list ideas you can incorporate in your everyday life.

But part of the fun of bucket lists is adding those crazy goals you want to accomplish someday.

Some of these ideas are perfect for thrill-seekers, adrenaline junkies, and daredevils, while other ideas are just so crazy and outlandish that you have to try them at least once in your life.

Not all of these crazy bucket list ideas require a lot of money or time to achieve, but they are all guaranteed to make an amazing story to tell one day!

Crazy Bucket List Ideas

Bring on the Ideas!

Check out these 100+ crazy bucket list ideas.

Go skydiving

Cage dive with sharks

Spin a globe, pick a destination at random, and go there

Go bungee jumping

Get a tattoo

Take a hot air balloon ride

Crazy Bucket List Ideas

Spend all night driving to a spontaneous destination

Run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain

Go base jumping

Crowd surf at a concert

Hitch a ride on the back of a train

Quit your job and travel

What Is a Bucket List?

Go cliff diving

Dance on top of a bar

Crash a wedding

Participate in a polar plunge

Go skinny dipping

Rent a limo for a day

Climb an active volcano

Go to Coachella

Music Festival

Go scuba diving

Climb one of the Seven Summits

Ride a mechanical bull

Go to a zero gravity chamber and experience weightlessness

Say yes to everything for a day

Go whitewater rafting

Buy the cheapest airplane ticket you can find the anywhere

Try your luck in Las Vegas

Eat the craziest food you can think of (frog legs or bugs, anyone?)

Go rappelling

Visit the Red Light District in Amsterdam

Go diving or snorkeling at a shipwreck

Sing karaoke with strangers

Go off-roading on an ATV

Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Mardi Gras

Learn how to surf

Ride every rollercoaster at an amusement park

See the Northern Lights in Iceland

Participate in a hot dog eating contest

Go zip lining

Participate in a Color Run

Cycle Death Road in Bolivia

Go swimming in a waterfall

Try to find your doppelganger

Travel solo to a foreign country

What Is a Bucket List

Sleep under the stars on an African safari

Go on a blind date

Swim with dolphins

Learn how to ski or snowboard

Celebrate Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ride a motorcycle

Shoot a gun at a gun range

Go paragliding

Go to India for the Holi festival

Hold a venomous snake

Trek to Macchu Picchu in Peru

Swim in a public fountain

Try waterfall rappelling

Send a message in a bottle

Friend request everyone on social media with the same name as you

Get your fortune told

Buy crazy outfits from the thrift store and wear them to a fancy dinner

Stay up all night parting in Ibiza

Crazy Bucket List

Go for a drive and take only right turns

Dye your hair a crazy color

Take a boat ride down the Amazon River

Only speak with a foreign accent for an entire day

Dance in the pouring rain

Celebrate Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

Participate in a flash mob

Go ghost hunting

Quit your job and start your own business

Go swimming with stingrays

Volcano boarding in Nicaragua

Participate in a performance art piece

Volunteer abroad

Stomp grapes at a vineyard

Run around the city in a Spiderman costume

Go rock climbing

Smash plates at a celebration in Greece

Fly like a bird in a wingsuit

Tell someone how you really feel about them

Go freediving in a cenote in Mexico

Celebrate Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, Mexico

Halloween Bucket List

Go dog sledding in Norway

Immerse yourself in a language learning program abroad

Drive a race car

Go spelunking in a cave

Reconnect with a friend you haven’t talked to since childhood

Set foot on all seven continents

Hold a tarantula

Learn how to ride a unicycle

Go sand boarding in the desert

Spend a week living in nature disconnected from the world

Take a spontaneous trip with your best friends

Summer Bucket List

Witness an eclipse

Become a black belt in a martial art

Land a role as a movie or television extra

Be a nude model for a life drawing class

Chase a tornado

Write to a prisoner

Visit Tristan da Cunha, the most remote place on Earth

Go indoor skydiving

Learn how to walk a tightrope

Host an epic Halloween party

Halloween Bucket List

Spend the night in an ice hotel

Go gold mining and try to strike it rich in Alaska

Get invited backstage at a concert

Ride the entire Trans-Siberian Railway

Learn how to do a magic trick

Break a Guinness World Record


Crazy Things to Do in Your Lifetime

Why not spice up your life with some of these crazy bucket list ideas?

You don’t have to do them all (I don’t even know if you COULD do them all in one lifetime, although it would certainly be awesome to try) but I hope this list helps you add to your own personal bucket list.

Remember, it’s not about doing the craziest things you can think of, but doing what YOU want to do and making the best memories along the way.

Here’s to being a little crazy and having amazing stories to tell!

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