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Best Friend Bucket List: 75+ Things to Do Together

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Best Friend Bucket List

Looking for the best ideas to add to your best friend bucket list?

If you’re looking for best friend bucket list ideas, look no further.

I’ve put together this list of 75+ fun and unique experiences to have with your bestie in your lifetime!

Best friend bucket list

If you’ve found your best friend, you’re very lucky.

Your best friend is your person in life.

There’s nothing more fun than creating a BFF bucket list of things you want to do together.

Some of them can be crazy over-the-top adventures that you dream of having one day, but some of them can also be things that are easy to do right now. S

it down and make your bucket list together, so you can check things off as you go!

On this list you’ll find plenty of bestie bucket list experiences to give you inspiration, including traveling together, fun seasonal activities, and crazy things you can do together.


Best Friend Bucket List Ideas

Best Friend Bucket List

Ready for the BFF bucket list ideas? Check them out below!

Take a road trip together

Attend a concert for an artist you both love

Travel abroad together

Go for a hike with an amazing view

Have a spa day together

Spa Day

Go camping (or glamping!)

Take a beach trip

Start your own book club

Take a painting class together

Pull an all-nighter and watch the sunrise

Make a best friends playlist

Take a spontaneous weekend trip together

Best Friend Bucket List

Go to Disney World or Disneyland together

Try a recipe from Pinterest

Do a Color Run or other themed run together

Take silly photos in a photo booth

Go wine tasting at a vineyard

Party it up in Las Vegas

BFF Bucket List

Sing a duet at karaoke

Binge watch a TV show together

Get matching tattoos

Write letters to each other to open in 10 years

Try every ice cream place in your town together

Summer Bucket List Ideas

Go on a yoga or wellness retreat

Celebrate a holiday with each other’s families

Go on a double date

Do a duo Halloween costume

Halloween Bucket List Ideas

Make a toast at each other’s weddings

Visit a pumpkin patch in the fall

Have a photoshoot together

Talk in different accents for a day

Take a workout class together

Go people-watching at a park

Throw a surprise birthday party

Go out wearing matching outfits

Take a crazy spring break trip together

Summer Bucket List

Plan out your futures

Start a new hobby together

Try out for a game show together

Make tie-dyed tee shirts

Get manicures and pedicures

Go to a carnival and ride all the rides

Attend a music festival

Music Festival

Make TikTok dance videos

Go bungee jumping

Make a scrapbook of your friendship

Buy or make matching best friend jewelry

Laugh until you cry

Be bridesmaids in each other’s weddings

Best Friend Bucket List Ideas

Spend the evening at an arcade

Go ice skating

Make a secret handshake

Have a fancy weekend brunch

Be godparents to each other’s kids one day

Take a cruise together

BFF Bucket List Ideas

Build a blanket fort and watch movies

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Go bowling together

Buy crazy outfits at the thrift store and wear them in public

Take a pole dancing class

Create vision boards together

Travel to Paris together

Best Friend Bucket List

Decorate a gingerbread house together at Christmas

Start a business together

Be each other’s wingwoman

Go paddle-boarding

Plan an epic bachelorette party

Pretend to be sisters for a day

Go skydiving together

Have a pizza and movie night monthly

Best Friend Bucket List

Do a craft project from Pinterest

Visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Clean out your closets and have a joint yard sale

Rent jet skis

Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Spend the whole day shopping

Best Friend Bucket List Ideas

Set each other up on blind dates

Host a dinner party

Sleep outside on a trampoline with blankets and pillows


BFF Bucket List

I hope these best friend bucket list ideas gave you some inspiration for things to do with your BFF.

Starting a bucket list with your best friend is an amazing way to create new memories together and live life to the fullest.

You’ll seriously never have a dull moment together with these ideas.

Now go out there and make some lifelong memories with your best friend!

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