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The Ultimate Kids Winter Bucket List

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 Winter Bucket List for Kids

The temperature outside might be dropping, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! With these simple kids winter bucket list ideas, you and your family can enjoy a season filled with activities.

Bundle up and get out there!

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Kids Winter Bucket List

There’s no doubt that winter can be a lot of fun. But it’s also important to make sure that your kids enjoy every minute of it by creating a winter bucket list.

This way, they can make the most of the season while staying safe and warm. Here are 41 fun ideas to get you started.

  1. Build a Snowman (or snow family)
  2. Make a hot chocolate bar
  3. Go sledding
  4. Make a gingerbread house
  5. Play cards
  6. Have a games night
  7. Go ice skating
  8. Make a bird feeder to hang outside
  9. Make paper snowflakes for the windows
  10. Celebrate Chinese New Year
  11. Do some pre-spring cleaning
  12. Host a winter olympics
  13. Make snow angels
  14. Make puppets and create a show
  15. Hide in a blanket fort
  16. Write letters to friends and family
  17. Make a tent in the living room and have a winter picnic
  18. Have a snowball fight
  19. Do spray-painting in the snow
  20. Have a movie marathon
  21. Go bowling
  22. Take an online class on Outschool
  23. Collect pinecones and cover them in glitter
  24. Try snowshoeing
  25. Make S’mores
  26. Do some puzzles
  27. Make frozen bubbles in the backyard
  28. Go for a winter walk and learn about hibernation
  29. Make a snow fort
  30. Take a sleigh-ride
  31. Stay in your pyjamas all day
  32. Make some sensory bins with rice or shaving cream
  33. Bake cookies
  34. Try snow tubing
  35. Play hockey in the driveway
  36. Cozy up with a new book
  37. Grab some boxes from the holidays and make a house or a robot
  38. Make some handmade gifts
  39. Learn a new hobby – sewing, knitting or cooking
  40. Have a sleepover
  41. Do some online drawing classes. Art for Kids Hub on Youtube has tons of fun ones.

Kids Winter Bucket List – Final Thoughts

Winter is a magical time of year but it can sometimes be hard to fill the days when the weather is bad.

With here are so many fun things to do with your family and friends. Make sure you create a winter bucket list and enjoy every moment!

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