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The Ultimate Winter Bucket List: 70+ Winter Bucket List Ideas

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Ultimate Winter Bucket List

Make the most out of winter with these winter bucket list ideas to try this year!

There’s nothing more magical than sitting by the fireplace sipping a mug of hot cocoa while snowflakes fall outside. But you might start going a little stir-crazy during the winter months too.

Don’t forget to grab the free printable winter bucket list at the bottom of the page so you can check off the ideas as you go! 

Winter Bucket List Free Printable

Winter, stretching from November to March, can often feel like the longest season of the year. (Especially if you live somewhere that stays cold and snowy even longer!)

Aside from the holiday season, winter can seem bleak and depressing for many people.

However, that does not have to be the case! These fun winter bucket list activities will help you make the most out of the season and brighten even the coldest and dreariest winter days.

On this list you’ll find general winter activities only.

However, if you’re looking for Christmas bucket list ideas, I wrote an entire post about the ultimate Christmas bucket list with 100+ more ideas.

Winter Bucket List Ideas

You’ll find a mix of indoor and outdoor ideas on this list, as well as ideas that can be done at home and some that are more adventurous.

Here are 70+ winter bucket list ideas to try.

Make homemade hot chocolate

Build a snowman

Go sledding

Make snow angels

Winter Bucket List

Build a fire in the fireplace

Put on an ambient fireplace screensaver on your TV if you don’t have a fireplace!

Make snowcones out of real snow

Perfect your hearty winter chili recipe

Chili Fall

Surprise a neighbor by shoveling their driveway

Go skiing or snowboarding

Build an igloo

Participate in a polar plunge

Have a cozy movie marathon in your pajamas

Knit a scarf

Take a snowshoe hike

Visit a frozen waterfall

Have a snowball fight

Snowball Fight

Burn a winter-scented candle

Build a snow fort

Soak in a natural hot spring

Make a hearty winter soup or stew

Sip hot apple cider

Rent a cabin with a hot tub

Complete a 1,000 piece puzzle

Start a gratitude journal

Go dogsledding

Bundle up and go for a winter nature walk

Winter Nature Walk

Spend the night in an ice hotel

Volunteer at a food kitchen

Take a tropical vacation to escape the winter weather

Buy the craziest socks you can find

Make a DIY winter wreath from pinecones

Apply the Scandinavian art of hygge to your home

Do a hot chocolate taste test

Winter Bucket List

Participate in a cookie exchange

Watch all the Oscar-nominated movies once they’re announced in January

Spend an evening by candlelight

Make grilled cheese and tomato soup on a cold day

Go ice skating

Winter Bucket List

Create an ice sculpture

Visit a sauna

Learn how to bake bread from scratch

Host the ultimate Superbowl party

Have an at home spa day

Spa Day

Go to a bar or restaurant that has heated igloos

Take a bubble bath

Have a winter bonfire

Go to Times Square to watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve (Here are even more fun New Year’s Eve bucket list places!)

Make your own mulled wine

Join a book club

Simple Bucket List Ideas

Wake up super early for Black Friday shopping

Attend a hockey game

Go snowmobiling

Try roasted chestnuts

Host a themed game night

Catch snowflakes on your tongue (life’s simple pleasures!)

Curl up by the fire with a book

Winter Bucket List

Make a DIY snowglobe or other winter craft

Donate winter clothes to those in need

Go on a sleigh ride

Sit down and write about the best moments and highlights of your year

See the Northern Lights

Winter Bucket List

Do a tea taste test and find your favorite flavor

Go stargazing under a cozy blanket

Have a Winter Olympics party

Make homemade cinnamon rolls

Go snow tubing

Learn how to make pasta from scratch

Build a pillow and blanket fort and “camp” in the living room

Get matching cozy pyjamas with your best friend, partner, or family

Write down your New Year’s Resolutions (use our handy New Year’s Bucket list for ideas).

Free Printable Winter Bucket List 

Free printable winter bucket list

Get these activities on your winter schedule with ease by downloading and printing this great list of experiences.

To get the free printable winter bucket list ideas, just click the link below

Printable Bucket List Download 

Winter Bucket List Free Printable

Best Things to Do in Winter

I hope these winter bucket list ideas inspire you this season!

Although it’s true that the winter months can be cold, long, and dark, you can easily brighten up the season and make amazing memories with these fun winter bucket list ideas.

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Winter Bucket List Free Printable