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Kids Bucket List- 100 Things For A Childhood Bucket List

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What should I put on my kids bucket list? I get this question a lot so I thought today I would post an epic childhood bucket list that every kid should complete before they turn 12.

Not only is this bucket list perfect for making the most of the fleeting days of childhood but it will also provide you with tons of fun activities for creating some family memories.

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Childhood is the one time kids have no responsibilities.

The first twelve years of life when kids don’t have to worry about working or paying bills or doing anything like that.

They’re just kids and they should be allowed to experience what it means to be one.

A child’s earliest memories are often of their parents, but there are some things that you can do with your children from early on in their lives that will help them form positive memories for themselves.

childhood bucket list

Kids Bucket List- 100 Things To Do

1. Learn to ride a bike

2. Try a new food

3. Play with friends outside

4. Eat a popsicle by themselves

5. Go fishing with their dad or grandpa

6. Play in the rain

7. Have a tea party

8. Ride in their parent’s car without the car seat

9. Go on a picnic with their family

10. Visit an animal farm or zoo

11. Play dress up

12. Learn to skateboard

13. Draw an animal they don’t know how to draw

14. Bake a cake from scratch

15. Play soccer

16. Spend the night at grandma’s house

17. Watch the sunset with someone they love

18. Write their own thoughts about themselves in their diary

19. Write their own book

20. Plant a tree

21.Make new friends

22. Give their parents a homemade gift (crafts or something else they can hold onto for years to come)

23. Run a lemonade stand

24. Volunteer

25. Ride in a plane

26. Swim in the ocean

27. Fly a kite

28. Care for a pet

29. Paint rocks

30. Play with sidewalk chalk

31. Go on a scavenger hunt

32. Play a team sport

33. Learn to cook a family recipe

34. Perform in a play or recital

35. Try a musical instrument

36. See a waterfall

37. Learn a language

38. Visit a foreign country

39. Earn their own pocket money or allowance

40. Get buried in the sand

41. Feed a bird from their hand

42. Pet a goat or sheep

43. Splash in muddy puddles

44. Go camping

45. Jump in a pile of leaves

46. Make s’mores

47. Run through a sprinkler

48. Develop a passion for something

49. Go to a drive-in movie

kids bucket list

50. Jump into a swimming pool

51. Have a sleep-over

52. Build an epic pillow fort

53. Get a library card

54. Go to the theatre

55. Go apple picking

56. Ride on a train

57. Collect seashells

58. Go bowling

59. Learn to skate (ice or rollerblades)

60. Play with water balloons

61. Have a pillow fight

62. Build a fairy garden

63. Make soap

64. Plant vegetables

65. Go strawberry picking

66. Learn to do a cartwheel

67. Ride a pony

68. Get lost in a corn maze

69. Write to a penpal

70. Explore a cave

71. Paddle in a canoe

72. Have a picnic

73. Make a video

74. Learn a magic trick

75. Play on a slip and slide

76. Go to a water park

77. Fundraise for a cause dear to you

78. Wash the car

79. Go to a live sporting event

childhood bucket list

80. Play miniature golf

81. Take part in a parade

82. Visit an aquarium

83. Talk to grandparents or a senior about their childhood

84. Write a list of what you want to be when you grow up

85. Make a time capsule and bury it

86. Collect something

87. Make slime

88. Play with water beads or orbs

89. Have a family game night

90. Enter a competition

91. Learn to juggle

92. Build a snowman

93. Get lost in the woods (and find your way out)

94. Enter a race

95. Send a message in a bottle

96. Visit a funfair

97. Explore a castle

98. See fireworks

99. Go shopping at a farmer’s market

100. Climb a tree

childhood bucket list

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