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40 Funny Bucket List Ideas -Silly Things To Do Before You Die

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It’s never too late to start living your life and fulfilling those “bucket list” items you want to do before you die.

But if you’re not sure what these are, here are some funny bucket list ideas that will make you laugh even if you decide not to do them.

funny bucket list ideas



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40+ Funny Bucket List Ideas

funny bucket list ideas

1. Try every conceivable type of food

2. Text random numbers that you “Know what they did last night”

3. Spend a night in an abandoned amusement park

4. Get on the stage at a rock concert

5. Smash a bottle of champagne and spray it around like a rap video

6. Stand at the side of the road and cheer on every jogger that goes by as though they are Olympic champions

7. Dress up as Dolly Parton and sing 9 to 5 at a Karaoke bar.

8. Spend the whole evening pretending you don’t speak English (or your own language) and only talk gobbledegook.

9. Have sex in the middle of a pile of dollar bills

10. Buy an animal head from an African taxidermist and hang it on the wall

funny bucket list ideas

11. Crash a wedding

12. Serenade someone in public (bonus points if you have a rose in your mouth)

13. Have a snowball fight

14. Fill someone’s car with balloons and watch them try to get in it

15. Jump in a taxi and shout “follow that car”

16. Photobomb some tourists

17. Spend the whole day taking touristy photos in boring locations in your city

18. In a crowded elevator, make farting sounds and look at everyone accusingly.

19. Spend the day pretending to be a fashion blogger on a photoshoot

20. Go to a nightclub and ask the bouncer if they know who you are

funny bucket list ideas

21. Run with the bulls in Pamplona (see this video for the action)

22. Poke lava with a stick

23.Play the banjo while riding a cow

24. Get a extra job as an dead person on a crime TV show

25. Throw plates for fun

26.Take a picture at every town called Lincoln in America wearing a top hat. (There are 24 of them)

27. Ride a horse through the drive-thru

28. Run a three-legged race through your town

29. Bum a smoke off a police officer

30. Get a straight shave from a male barber with a cut throat razor.

funny bucket list ideas

31.Spend an entire 24 hour period in a diner and eat all 3 meals there.

32. Go to the Parrot Heads In Paradise Convention in Key West, Fl.

33. Ride an Ostrich

34. Participate in a giant food fight

35.Pose for a life drawing class

36. Visit Carhenge in Nebraska

37. Give a penguin belly rubs.

38. Spend the whole day speaking in pirate

39. Win a chilli cook-off

40. Be a guest on Maury or Dr Phil

funny bucket list ideas

So now you know some silly bucket list ideas that will make you laugh. So if you’re not sure what those are, find some funny ideas here on this site. Enjoy!

There are so many hilarious things you can do before you die that would make this world a better place. Everyone should have at least one bucket list item that’s silly and fun to do so they can laugh about it before they die.

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Funny Bucket List Ideas