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75+ Simple Bucket List Ideas That Anyone Can Do

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75+ Simple Bucket List Ideas

Looking for simple bucket list ideas that are easy and cheap to accomplish?

Every item on your bucket list does not have to be some crazy adventure, travel to a faraway destination, or thrill-seeking activity. While those things are cool, they can be expensive and time-consuming.

Sometimes the most satisfying things to check off your bucket list are the simplest ones.

Simple Bucket List Idea

Below you’ll find tons of bucket list ideas you can do close to home, without spending much money, and in one day.

These simple bucket list ideas are a great way to break up the monotony of your day-to-day life, switch up your routine, and start having everyday adventures.

Ready to get inspired? Here are 75+ simple bucket list ideas for you.Simple Bucket List Ideas

Bring on the Ideas!

Spend a day pretending you’re a tourist in your own city

Chicago Bucket List

Go swimming in a public fountain

Spend 24 hours without using any type of technology

Build a blanket fort in your living room and sleep there

Take a walk outside in the pouring rain

Buy coffee for the person behind you in line

Take a new route to work one day

Visit your local farmer’s market

Spring Bucket List

Change your hair (cut, color, or just your everyday style!)

Start your own blog

Wake up early to watch the sunrise

Make a time capsule

Put extra change in an expired parking meter

Keep a journal for at least one year

Send handwritten Christmas cards to everyone you know

Get a pen pal

Go to a music festival

Music Festival

Cut pictures out of a magazine and make a collage

Sleep outside under the stars

Take a staycation and rent a unique Airbnb in your town

Spend a day driving around with no phone or map to guide you

Take a photo in a photo booth

Join a book club

Simple Bucket List Ideas

Host a themed movie or game night

Buy the cheapest plane ticket you can find for a spontaneous weekend trip

Visit a new museum

See your favorite artist live in concert

Make a family tree

Sign up for a class on something like painting, pottery, or scrapbooking

Visit the national park closest to you

Travel to at least one new place each year (state or country)

Plan a summer road trip

Crazy Bucket List Ideas

Do a scavenger hunt

Hike a new trail in your area

Go swimming while it’s raining

Volunteer to give blood

Learn 100 words of a new language

Try being vegan/vegetarian for an entire week

Make your own soap

Have a karaoke night

Host a Halloween party

Halloween Bucket List

Read at least one book a month for a year

Compliment a stranger

Do a social media detox

Go to a free concert or cultural event in your city

Try a type of cuisine you’ve never had before

Explore every street in your neighborhood

Have an at home spa day

Spa Day

Use the 1 Second Everyday app to make a video of your year

Go Christmas caroling

Have a photo shoot with your family/friends

Watch an entire movie franchise (Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc.) in a one day marathon

Go to a free comedy show

Collect all your change and take it to the bank to convert into cash

Learn how to bake something from scratch

Simple Bucket List Ideas

Sign up for a free college course on a topic you know nothing about

Have a picnic on the beach

Watch a foreign film

Volunteer at a food kitchen

Get a disposable camera and bring it on your next trip

Write a letter to your future self

Go to a fair or carnival in the fall

Get creative with old clothes (tie-dying, repurposing, etc.)

Try every ice cream place in your town and document your findings

Summer Bucket List Ideas

Go to a haunted house around Halloween

Participate in a Color Run or other themed run

Send postcards to everyone you know on your next vacation

Spin a globe, pick a country at random, and learn everything you can about it

Buy discounted candy and chocolate the day after Halloween or Valentine’s Day

Have a water balloon fight

Buy flowers for yourself just because

Try to cook something new without following a recipe

Have a garage sale

Watch the sunrise and sunset in one day

Bucket List Ideas

Rearrange your furniture

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Go outside and pick wildflowers

Find a DIY project on Pinterest and actually do it

Make a scrapbook of your favorite photos

Learn the alphabet in sign language

Collect a bunch of quarters and go to an arcade

Everyday Bucket List Ideas

Not everything on your bucket list has to be crazy or extravagant.

Sometimes, the simple everyday items are the most fun to accomplish!

You can work many of these simple bucket list ideas into your daily life without spending much time or money.

The benefit of having a simple bucket list is that you can add more spontaneity into your regular life, and easily be able to check off items from your bucket list once you complete them.

I hope these ideas inspire you to make every day more adventurous and fun!

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