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The Ultimate Summer Before College Bucket List

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It is the last summer before you head off to college so how can you make the most of it? With this amazing summer before college bucket list, of course!

Whether you’re looking for some fun ways to make the most of summer break or you want to create some crazy memories for that one last summer with your high school friends, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading for 41 amazing summer ideas to make the most of your vacation.

The Ultimate Summer Before College Bucket List


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41 Summer Before College Bucket List Ideas

Going to college is a big deal but before fall comes, it is time to celebrate the fact that high school is done and you are about to become an adult!

You may never be as carefree as that last summer before college so why not make the most of each day and complete an awesome summer bucket list?

summer before uni bucket list

Last Summer Before College Bucket List

1.Sleep under the stars

2. Have an crazy sleepover complete with makeovers and midnight snacks

3. Take an epic road trip with friends

4. Clean out your room and sort out all your childhood memories

5. Go hiking

6. Take a bike ride somewhere new

7. Spend the day at the beach

8. Go to an outdoor festival or concert

9. Take in a baseball game

10. Start a journal

11. Have a picnic lunch

12. Buy a cute plant to take to college

13. Take photos with your pets and have them framed

14. Visit as many friends and family as possible

15. Have coffee or meal at all your favorite hang-outs

16. Visit a National Park

17. Get a job and save some cash for college

18. Take a bunch of fun selfies with your friends

19. Go to a theme park

summer before college bucket list

20. Learn to cook your favorite foods

21. Get your driver’s licence

22. Buy some pretty prints and artwork for your dorm

23. Go on a family vacation or day trip

24. Get your yearbook signed

25. Make a time capsule

26. Make a high school playlist

27. Kiss your high school crush

28. Find your personal style

29. Open a bank account

30. Cut or dye your hair

31. Read some fun books (soon you will be overwhelmed with text books)

32. Binge your favorite shows on Netflix

33. Create or update your resume

34. Get to know your room mates

35. Get all your medical check-ups done

36. Watch some dorm haul videos on YouTube before you go shopping

37. Do something you are scared of

38. Wear your prom dress one last time

39. Have some alone time

40. Volunteer

41. Go night swimming

summer before college bucket list

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Summer Before Uni Bucket List- Final Thoughtssummer before college bucket list

Whether you call it university or college, that last summer before you head to higher education is one of the most important of you life so make the most of every moment.

Use the bucket list above to make your last summer before college one of your most epic ever!

Have fun!

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