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Dog Bucket List: 50 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog

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All dog owners should have dog bucket lists that consist of all the fun things they want to do with their dog. After all, your dog is one of your best friends and should be treated as such.

In this post, I take you through the most fun things to do with your dog, both at home and outdoors.

Keep reading for some really fun dog bucket list ideas plus, make sure to download your free printable Doggy bucket list at the bottom of the post.

dog bucket list

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Dog Bucket List

Below you will find more than 50 bucket list adventure ideas for you to do with your dog and to add to your puppy bucket list.

Whether you have a lab or a chihuahua, there is bound to be something for everyone on this great list.

From visiting dog-friendly restaurants to taking a long walk on a cold winter day, there is something for every dog lover on this list. 

So grab your pooch and get ready for some fun! 

dog bucket list

Fun Things To Do With Your Dog At Home

  • Do some doggy art with their paw prints
  • Make some fun TikTok videos
  • Make a scavenger hunt with dog treats
  • Watch Marley and Me together
  • Create an Instagram account for your dog
  • Teach your dog some new tricks
  • Take a photo together every day for a month
  • Wear matching pjs
  • Watch the annual Puppy Bowl
  • Taste test some new special treats
  • Have a puppy playdate with some friends
  • Try some dog yoga (here is a YouTube video to follow)
  • Have a bubble bath
  • Have a doggy spa day
  • Make your own doggy snacks with natural ingredients

dog bucket list

Fun Things To Do With Your Dog Outdoors

  • Go to a dog park and make new friends
  • Take part in a doggy 5K
  • Play in the snow
  • Look for some cool sticks and play fetch
  • Go on long hikes to check out some new trails
  • Go camping together and explore the great outdoors
  • Ride in a convertible
  • Volunteer together and offer doggy love to someone who needs it
  • Run on a leash-free beach
  • Go swimming in a lake
  • Chase squirrels
  • Play frisbee at the park
  • Ride in a motorcycle sidecar
  • Jump on a trampoline
  • Take your furry friend out for ice cream
  • Try out a dog-friendly restaurant
  • Go on a boat ride – don’t forget a life jacket! 
  • Sign up for an agility course
  • Go for a long walk together and get some fresh air
  • Spend the afternoon at different coffee shops
  • Take an outdoor dog yoga class
  • Visit a doggie bakery for some new treats
  • Take up a canine sport together like dock jumping or flyball

dog bucket list

Fun Outings for your Dog Bucket List

Compete in a dog show

Visit the World’s Largest Pet Store in Lancaster Pennsylvania

Visit Santa at the mall and take photos

Have dinner at a dog-friendly restaurant

Watch the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

  • Go to the doggy spa
  • Train to Be a Therapy Dog Team
  • Visit Doggywood, the dog version of Dolly Parton’s Dollywood theme park
  • Visit the pet store and pick up a new toy
  • Be the ring bearer at a wedding
  • Take a train ride
  • Set sail on a canine cruise like this one in Chicago
  • Visit a dog-friendly National Park (here is a list of the best ones to visit)
  • Go to Woofstock in Toronto, Canada – the World’s largest festival for dogs
  • Take a road trip to new park with your canine companion
  • Spend the night at a dog-friendly hotel
  • Try and visit all the state parks in your area
  • Visit a pet psychic

terminally ill dog bucket list

Terminally Ill Dog Bucket List

What should I do with my dog before she dies?

If you have a sick or elderly dog that is unfortunately in his or her last days, here is a bucket list of things to do to in their final days. 

Bear in mind that your sick dog might not feel like doing too much other than snuggling with you so make that the priority rather than some crazy bucket list items.

This senior dog’s bucket list has some fun ideas to make special memories with an older dog and is a great way to make sure you spend quality time with your best friend. 

  • Visit a pet-friendly hotel for a special night
  • Go to your doggie’s favorite place from when he was a puppy- whether that’s a local park or the local pet store. 
  • Have a little dog party with their favorite treats
  • Snuggle on the couch together
  • Have a photoshoot- many photographers offer legacy sessions. 
  • Meet a police dog
  • Have breakfast in bed
  • Go for a drive and let him stick his head out of the window
  • Spend as much time with him as possible
  • Go to a pet-friendly restaurant and let him have a burger all to himself
  •  Take him to his favorite spot and take lots of photos together

Free Printable Dog Bucket List

If you love the list of activities above, a great idea is to print off this pet bucket list so that you can check things off for a lifetime of memories. 

This digital download is a fun way to keep track of all the fun experiences and new places that you and your best friend visit. 

Free printable dog bucket list

To download your free printable Dog bucket list, simply click the link below and you will be taken to the instant download page.

Click here for your download

Dog Bucket List – Final Thoughts

Dogs are so much fun and there are so many things you can do together to make wonderful memories together.

The best way to make sure you give your dog the best life possible is to give him or her new experiences, look at new things and of course, explore new smells. 

By creating your own bucket list of fun adventures, you are sure to be the best pet parents you possibly can. 

I hope this list of fun activities to do with your dog has given you some great inspiration.

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