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Back To School Bucket List: Things To Do Before The First Day Of School

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As the new school year begins, it’s important to make a list of fun things to do this year. Whether you’re a student or teacher, adding some new items to your bucket list will help make the school year more enjoyable.

This bucket list is packed with things to do before the first day of school.

It will help you feel more prepared as you go back to school and also make sure you have done everything you want to during the summer vacation.

Back to school bucket list

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Why Create A Back To School Bucket List?

The purpose of this bucket list is two-fold – first you want to use it to brainstorm all the things you need to do before school starts. Secondly, you can use this as a checklist to do everything you had planned before the end of summer.

A bucket list at the end of summer will help you cram in everything you had planned to do.

It will also help to ease the transition from summer break to school classes and homework which some kids can find really tough.

Obviously kids are top of mind when we think of a back to school bucket list but it can also be useful for adults too. Parents have a lot of back to school shopping to do and forms to fill out and a list can be helpful stay organized.

Use my  80+ Summer Bucket List Ideas for ideas of things to do during summer vacation and then you can even go a step further with the Kids Bucket List if you need more inspiration.

At the bottom of this post, I’ve included free printable blank back to school bucket lists so you can use the list below to create your own personalized version.

The Ultimate Back To School Bucket List

I’ve separated this back to school list into three categories; ideas for kids, ideas for parents and then things to do before school starts.

Things For Kids To Prepare For Back To School

back to school bucket list

Get a new notebook and decorate it with stickers, drawings, and quotes.

Connect with friends with someone in your new class

Create a grocery list of all the things you want in your school lunches

Go back to school shopping for new clothes

Buy all your new school supplies

Catch up on your summer reading list before school starts

Make a scrapbook of your summer vacation

Read some books about the first day of school

Memorize your home phone number and address

Practice your route to and from school or the bus stop

Back To School Bucket List For Parents

Things to do on the first day of school

Start a new back to school tradition, like one of these.

Speak to your kids about road safety and stranger danger

Plan a special first day of school breakfast

Make a list of easy school lunches you can pack that the kids will actually eat

Do a big Costco run to stock up on food

Label everything!

Check their shoes and clothes still fit

Print off a first day of school sign for the all-important photo

10 Things To Do Before The First Day Of School

back to school bucket list

Have a back to school date with mom and dad

Watch one last movie

Go swimming as much as possible

Have a picnic in the park

Go out for ice cream

Plan your school year out with these prompts:

This year, I am going to get better at…

I’m excited to learn……..

I’m going to try and read XX number of books

Lay out your clothes for the first week of school

Have a little back to school celebration

Get your hair cut and have an in home spa day

Sit down and plan out your fall bucket list to make the end of summer less sad

first day of school bucket list

Free Printable Back to School Bucket List

Use these free printable bucket list templates to fill out your own checklist for the first day of school. Click this link to print off your copies:

back to school bucket list free printable

Back to school bucket list


Back to school bucket list free printable