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R-Rated Bucket List (25 Wild Things To Do As A Couple)

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This sexy R-rated bucket list is filled with fun idea for you and your partner to do together (or alone!). Whether you are looking to spice up your relationship or looking to take things to a new, kinky level, you’ll love these 25 hot bucket list ideas.

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For those of you who are looking to add some spice to the bedroom, make sure to check out the list below and you can even print out the sex bucket list at the bottom of the page.

r-rated bucket list

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The Ultimate R-Rated Bucket List

1. Spend the whole day naked (I recommend you stay home to avoid getting arrested!)

2. Go to a sex club together

3. Act out a mutual fantasy

4. Make a home video

5. Try BDSM (make sure to check out our list of 30 Exciting Kinky Bucket List Ideas to get you started)

6. Watch adult movies together

7. Get frisky in public

r-rated bucket list

8. Make out at a drive through movie like teenagers

9. Invite another person into the bedroom

10. Send dirty messages to each other all day to get you in the mood

11. Listen to the “Call Her Daddy” Podcast and try the Gluck Gluck 3000

12. Go out without panties on and surprise your partner

13. Go to a strip club

14. Perform a lapdance

15. Read erotic stories to each other out loud. Better yet, write your own erotic stories!

r-rated bucket list

16. Get a bluetooth vibrator that is controlled by an app and take it for a spin

17. Buy a copy of the Kama Sutra and try every position

18. Role play and pretend to be strangers meeting in a bar for the first time

19. Do it everywhere in the house except for the bedroom

20. Make your own sexy playlist

r-rated bucket list

21. Have phone sex

22. Learn some Tantric sex moves and try it out at home

23. Try dirty talking

24. Be as quiet as possible

25. Use whipped cream


r-rated bucket list ideas