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Summer Bucket List For Adults 2024 : 80 Fun Summer Activities

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Looking for fun summer bucket list ideas for adults? Look no further that this fun list of 80 things to keep you entertained all summer long.

We have put together a list of some of the best activities to keep you busy during the warm months, whether you are planning a staycation or an epic road trip.

From fun days out to must-do activities to do around the house, there is something for everyone.

So get out your sunglasses and get ready to celebrate summer in style!

Summer Bucket List For Adults

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How Can I Have An Amazing Summer As An Adult?summer bucket list ideas

You might think that unless the weather is great or you have a bunch of money, then it is not possible to have a fantastic summer. Au contraire, my friend.

The best thing about summer is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a great time.

Just getting outside and enjoying nature is one of the best ways to make the summer awesome on a budget.

Even if the weather is terrible (and trust me, as someone who used to summer in Scotland, I am more than familiar with that), you can enjoy spending time with family and friends with movie marathons and game nights.

Plus – sometimes getting caught in the summer rain is fun!

How Can I Create An Epic Summer Bucket List?

First of all, site down with a pen and paper and think of everything you want to do before summer ends.

It can be small things like heading to a farmer’s market or big epic trips.

The main thing is to write everything possible thing you can think of.

That’s where the list below comes in.

It will help you to brainstorm for ideas so that you can decide on exactly what you want to do to make the most of the warm weather.

summer bucket list for adults

80 Summer Bucket List Ideas For Adults

Summer as a kid always seemed to go on forever, didn’t they?

This list is aimed at recreating that summer magic for grown-ups.

Just because you don’t get two months off school, it doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the long summer days and nights.

Hopefully this list will inspire you to make some amazing memories this summer!

1. Go berry picking

2. Have a picnic by a lake

3. Play tack on the map and spend the day in a random place

4. Go camping

5. Stay up to watch the sunrise

6. Make homemade lemonade

7. Go to a street fair

8. Visit one new town

9. Be a tourist in your hometown and visit all the sights

10. Learn a new skill

11. Take a boat ride

12. Go fishing

13. Eat an epic ice cream sundae

14. Go hiking

15. Visit a National Park (here is a list of the best national parks to add to your bucket list)

16. Go running outdoors

17. Try stand up paddle boarding

18. Go to an outdoor free festival or concert

19. Have dinner overlooking the water

20. Host a cookout

summer activities for adults

21. Watch the fireworks on July 4 or Canada Day

22. Go on a bike riding adventure

23. Climb a mountain (or a very large hill)

24. Swim somewhere other than a swimming pool – think lake, ocean, stream!

25. Make strawberry shortcake

26. Spend the day at the beach

27. Get a fun bright colored pedicure

28. Try water skiiing or jet skiing

29. Take a road trip

30. Go to a professional sporting event and drink beer on the bleachers

31. Take a wine tour

32. Complete a fun run such as a Color Run or half marathon

33. Collect sea glass on the beach

34. Grow vegetables in the garden

35. Invent your own signature summer cocktail (I love the blueberry mojito)

36. Learn to roller blade

37. Visit an animal sanctuary

38. Go night swimming

39. Play soccer in the park

40. Visit a farmer’s market for lunch

summer bucket list for adults

41. Spend a morning hunting at flea markets

42. Read a new book every week

43. Purge your clothes ready for fall

44. Have a movie marathon (here is a great list of summer movies you must see once in your lifetime)

45. Roast dinner on an open fire

46. Start your own side hustle (here are some Etsy shop ideas to get you thinking)

47. Play beach volleyball

48. Go to a water park (you don’t need to be a kid to have fun!)

49. Invite some friends over for a game night

50. Spend the day at an amusement park

summer bucket list for grown ups

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51. Make a summer playlist for the car

52. Start a new habit – yoga, running, knitting

53. Learn to make delicious smoothies

54. Host a yard sale

55. Have breakfast outdoors

56. Drive to the country and watch the stars

57. Go horseback riding

58. Do an escape room

59. Visit an art gallery

60. Make a photo album

61. Volunteer

62. Try rock climbing

63. Go ziplining

64. Visit a carnival or midway

65. Eat crazy food at the fair

66.  Try geocaching

67. Host a luau and serve tiki drinks out of coconuts and pineapples

68. Visit a craft brewery

69. Pick wildflowers

70. Go to a drive-in movie

things to do in the summer as an adult

71. Rent a fancy car for the day

72. Spend the day at the races

73. Row a boat on a lake

74. Get a metal detector and hunt on the beacj for treasure

75. Run through a meadow

76. Play a round or two of golf (or mini golf)

77. Have a drink at a rooftop bar

78. Go to a film festival

79. Play old school lawn games like Bocchi ball

80. Fly a kite

Exciting Summer Bucket List For Adults – Final Thoughts

Looking for something fun to do to this summer?

This fun summer bucket list for adults is sure to inspire you to create enough summer memories to last a lifetime.

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summer bucket list ideas for adults