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Fall Bucket List For Adults: 65 Fun Fall Activities For Grown-ups

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Looking for a fun fall bucket list for adults? Look no further that this fun list of 65 things to keep you entertained all season long.

We have put together a list of some of the best activities to keep you busy during autumn as the days grow colder.

From fun days out to must-do activities as you prepare for winter, there is something for everyone.

So get out your pumpkin spice latte and get ready to celebrate sweater weather!

Fall Bucket list ideas for adults

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How Can I Have An Amazing Fall As An Adult?

fall bucket list for adults

A lot of people say that fall is their favorite time of year and with good reason! There are so many things to do this season and you don’t need to break the bank to have a great time.

Just looking at the fall colors is enough to get you in the mood for the cooler weather and cozy nights in by the fire.

It is the perfect time of year to make a bucket list so that you don’t miss a thing. Let’s get started!

How Can I Create An Epic Fall Bucket List?

First of all, site down with a pen and paper and think of everything you want to do before the end of November. It can be small things like drinking hot chocolate by a fire or big things such as hosting Thanksgiving dinner.

The main thing is to write everything possible thing you can think of. That’s where the list below comes in. It will help you to brainstorm for ideas so that you can decide on exactly what you want to do to make the most of autumn.

autumn bucket list for adults

65 Fall Bucket List Ideas For Adults

1. Go to a pumpkin patch

2. Roast marshmallows

3. Take a hike in the fall leaves

4. Collect leaves and make a collage

5. Bake a pie

6. Host Thanksgiving dinner

7. Drink a pumpkin flavored coffee or tea

8. Eat apple cider donuts

9. Go apple picking

10. Decorate for Halloween

11. Sort out your winter clothes ready for next season

fall bucket list for adults

12. Start a new routine as the school year begins

13. Sit by an open fire

14. Drink hot apple cider

15. Take a drive to look at the fall colors

16. Give out candy to trick or treaters

17. Make your own Halloween costume

18. Write a list of 20 things you are thankful for

19. Have a Halloween movie marathon (here is a list of great Halloween movies to watch)

20. Get lost in a corn maze

21. Attend a fall festival

22. Go to a haunted house

23. Host a Halloween party with games such as apple dunking

24. Spend the evening playing a murder mystery game

25. Bake pumpkin bread

26. Eat a caramel apple

27. Plant spring bulbs

28. Carve pumpkins

29. Have a leaf fight

30. Take a scenic train ride through the fall colors

fall bucket list for adults

31. Get professional photos taken

32. Fill your home with autumn scents using a candle or fall essential oils

33. Roast pumpkin seeds

34. Eat corn on the cob

35. Wear a cozy sweater

36. Make a big crockpot of chilli

37. Watch a football game

38. Drink a pumpkin beer

39. Create a fall playlist

40. Listen to a spooky podcast

41. Snuggle up by the fire to read a good book

42. Knit a scarf or hat

43. Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade

44. Take pictures in a sunflower field

45. Try preserving a food for winter

46. Stock the freezer with ready -to-go meals

47. Drink a glass of Beaujolais Nouveau (only available for a few weeks starting the third Thursday of November)

48. Go to a Halloween themed amusement park

49. Roast chestnuts

50. Attend Halloween on Ice if there is a show near you

51. Decorate the house for fall

52. Make a fall cocktail (here is a list of some of fall favorites)

53. Host a Friendsgiving dinner

54. Make a fall craft using leaves, acorns and twigs

things to do in the fall

55. Plant fall flowers such as mums

56. Make a steaming pot of hearty soup

57. Go on a hay ride

58. Visit a farmer’s market for lunch

59. Grab some bargains on Black Friday

60. Bake a traditional Harvest Wheatsheaf loaf of bread (get the recipe here)

61. Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival by eating Moon Cake.

62. Winterize your house ready for the colder weather

63. Write a list of everything you want to achieve before the end of the year

64. Paint your nails a dark fall color

65. Do some early holiday shopping at fall craft fairs

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Cozy Fall Bucket List For Adults – Final Thoughts

Looking for something fun to do to this autumn?

This fun fall bucket list for adults is sure to inspire you to create enough memories to last you well into the winter months.

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